The Sheppard Group

Current Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Victor Laserna
Dr Marco Sabatini

PhD Students

Joe Newcombe (Wellcome Trust ISMB PhD, joint with Neil Millar and Maya Topf)
Charlotte Coomber (joint PhD with Mike Porter)
Callum Foden (joint PhD with Matt Powner)
Matthew Cross

MSci and MRes Students

Joe Higham
Alexander Goyder

Visitors and Summer Students

Former Group Members


Dr Fabiana Subrizi (joint PDRA with Helen Hailes)
Dr Laure Benhamou

PhD Students

Alice Dunbabin (joint PhD with Helen Hailes and Gopinthan Sankar)
Sally Higson (joint PhD with Helen Hailes)
Samantha Gibson (joint PhD with Derek Macmillan) PhD Thesis
Valerija Karaluka PhD Thesis
Robert Foster (joint PhD with Helen Hailes) PhD Thesis
Jarryl D'Oyley PhD Thesis
Rachel Lanigan PhD Thesis
Matthew Pennell PhD Thesis
Persis Dhankher PhD Thesis
Filippo Rota PhD Thesis
Osman Aslam PhD Thesis
Sam Mann PhD Thesis
Pavel Starkov PhD Thesis

MSci Students, MRes Students and Rotation Projects

Tom Watts (2016-2017)
Jacob Wallet (2016-2017)
Stacy Coomber (2016-2017)
Kang Min Kim (2016-2017)
Patrick Bridge (2015-2016)
Billy Chen (2015-2016)
Karl Rogers (2015-2016)
Laura Hedgethorne (2014-2015)
James Rushworth (2014-2015)
Alex Fudger (2014, MRes rotation project)
Alice Dunbabin (2013-2014)
Daniel Walker (2013-2014)
Anastasia Leventis (2013-2014)
Shaikher Chudasama (2013 MRes rotation project)
Kealon Fallon (2012-2013)
Michael Callingham (2012-2013, joint with CRT)
Emily Gascoigne (Drug Discovery Rotation Student joint with Erik Årstad) (2011-2012)
Conor Mckeever (2011-2012)
Samantha Gibson (2011-2012 - joint with CRT)
Chris Matthews (Drug Discovery Rotation Project 2010-2011)
Emma Corke (2010-2011)
Samantha Yee (2010-2011)
Rhian Courtney (Drug Discovery Rotation Project 2009-2010)
Leila Shariff (2009-2010)
Martin Bachman (2009-2010)
Michael Slipchuk (2008-2009)
Amanda Teeha (2007-2008)

Summer Students/Visiting Research Students

Olivia Ehrenreich (2016)
Tom Watts (2016)
Kate Sanders (2015)
Shaleem Jacob (2014, visiting PhD from University of Cambridge/NIH)
Laura Hedgethorne (2014)
Katherine Lee (2014)
Pauline Maillot (2013)
Andreas Iskra (2012)
Valerija Karaluka (2012)
Soledad Encinas-Madrazo (2012)
Valentina Maestri (2011)
Daniela Masciocchi (2011)
Céline Rico (2010)
Martin Bachman (2010)
Rémi Piard (2010)
Elisabeth Ratcliffe (2010)
Romain Rouch (2009)
Martin Bachman (2009)
Leila Shariff (2009)
Cindy Körner (2008 and 2009-2010)
Alexandra Vuillaumy (2008)

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